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Dental Implants

Implant treatment has been remarkably revolutionized in the last few years. They are used to replace teeth that are missing or cannot be saved. The implant itself acts as an anchor that replaces the missing tooth root. This can then be restored with crowns, bridges, or anchored dentures. Modern dental implants have become highly predictable, have been proven to last a long time, and are comfortable and esthetic.

Implants were originally intended for patients missing entire arches of teeth. Now, modern techniques allow implant replacement of individual or groups of teeth, as well as an entire denture. The latest development is the ability to place restorations simultaneously with the implant. This means you can walk into the office with missing teeth or loose dentures and walk out with a fixed, comfortable set of teeth. To learn more about implants call our office for a consultation.

Dr. Traub works with several oral surgeons and periodontists in the planning and restoring of many types of dental implants. He participated in pioneering work which showed that implants did not have to heal for several months before being used. He has successfully used implants to replace single and multiple back teeth, single and multiple front teeth with high esthetic concerns, and entire arches of teeth. He has been very excited about the improvement of the function and comfort of full dentures when implants are used to stabilize these often troublesome prosthetics!

Patients come from all over the country and even from the Bahamas, to see Dr. Traub. We're lucky to have him right here in Coral Springs. Call the office today to schedule an appointment!